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Ghana’s Ministry of Energy is the organizing body in charge of the Ghana Energy Summit. The Ministry was created by an Executive Instrument E.I.28 on 27th February 2017 from the erstwhile Ministry of Power and Ministry of Petroleum. The Ministry’s vision is to:

“Develop a modern, diversified, efficient and financially sustainable energy economy that will ensure that all Ghanaian homes and industries have access to adequate reliable, affordable and environmentally sustainable supply of energy to meet and support the accelerated growth and development agenda envisaged for the country”.

Currently, the Ministry is leading efforts to consolidate the gains made in the power sector by prioritizing and scheduling power projects in the medium to long term, working towards the availability of reliable and adequate source of fuel supply (largely gas) and also ensuring the sound financial health of the power sector utilities through a sector-wide financial restructuring exercise.

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In this regard, the Ministry has made a firm commitment to bring together key stakeholders in the sector across the globe including the investor community through a summit to meet with the Ghanaian Government through the Ministry of Energy to discuss opportunities in Ghana’s Energy Sector as well as Government’s strategies and policies that are being implemented to develop a modern, diversified, efficient and financially sustainable energy economy. The maiden edition of the summit is dubbed Ghana Energy Summit.



The Ghana Energy Summit will be the most prestigious annual event in Ghana’s Energy Sector. The event is under the auspices of Ghana’s Energy Minister and will be attended by Chief Executives of Major Ghanaian and international companies, heads of states, political leaders, key stakeholders, Ministers and their Deputies.

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